Dance Into The Night

24. března 2007 v 14:44 | Markie |  → Texty písní

Dance Into The Night

I met a girl at the Cambel town bar
You know the one that plays the guitar
'Yes' she said some things that you shouldn't say
Wonder if she remembers
She was wasted anyway
It's the next day
Who remembers what
No-one knows
Everybody's too afraid to talk about it anyway
These particular times everyone's out of line
It makes no change it's so strange
Everybody's walking around so deranged
She asked me to play her that song everyone likes
She said she'd listen as the day is long and dance shed dance into the night
We talked of dreams, romance and excess
Something inside of her tells me she climbs to be the best
This you have to respect
Stuck in her dead in job
And yes she said, some things that she should not say
She wonders if I remember
I was wasted anyway
It's the next week
We stop and speak
happens all the times
It's like a trend and it totally drives me round the bend
These particular times
Everyone's out of line it makes no change
It's strange
Everybody's walking around so deranged.

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