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13. března 2009 v 19:56 | мarкeткa |  → For Foreigners
Well, at first I wanna say hello to all who visites my blog every day or every week. Thank you for that. I see that visitors on my blog aren't just Czech people, but 'strangers' from other countries.

That made me really happy. Thanks. So I decided to create 'a page translater' and you will be able to have this page in your language :) There will be English, Polish, Russian, German, French and Spanish language.

Like I said, I am happy that you visit my page, I also would be happy if you left a comment. I have written how you can do it, but I will explain it again.

How to leave a comment?

Below the page is a frame, there is written jméno (it means your name), e-mail (I think you understand what e-mail means, do you?), text (it means your text what you want to leave), web (it means your webpage) and poslat (it means send your comment).. Do you understand? I hope so.

So guys what are you waiting for? Leave some nice comments about this band :)


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